This study was funded by a grant from the Pacific Southwest Region 9 METRANS University Transportation Center. The authors would like to thank the PSR UTC and USDOT for their support of university-based research in transportation, and especially for the funding provided in support of this project.

  • Objectives of the study
  1. The project will identify the vulnerable roadways to assess the system performance changes and the spatial distribution of accessibility reduction before and after the road network degradation caused by coastal flooding.
  2. It will examine the relationship between physical accessibility reduction and public-perceived flooding impacts on transportation, which provides a way to validate the impact assessment as well as reveals the social sensitivity to such impacts.
  3. It will support the development of adaptation strategies by identifying the most physically vulnerable and socially sensitive areas and discovering people’s major concerns in transportation during such events.
  4. It will share the findings through web-based visualization to facilitate stakeholder interaction and public education.